Wealth watch is an international investigative firm that was founded for the purpose of protecting people who have invested their wealth in these unregulated but seemingly legal forex and binary option trading platforms.

Companies operating these fake Binary Trading Platforms make 100% profit – a percentage of which goes to the brokers and the remainder to the rest of the company.

Victims who invested never see returns or even the initial sum deposited. We are at the forefront of the war against binary options scam, helping hundreds of people get their lives back on track on daily basis. Join our cause today!



With the aid of Seasoned legal practitioners globally , financial forensic consultants, private investigators, inside sources at the NFIB Proactive Intelligence Team as well as other international intelligence agencies we are more than equipped with the know how to ensure a total recoup of lost wealth and returned assets to the rightful title holders.

We follow every trail of the funds irrespective of the form of exchange,Crypto currency PayPal and other forms of digital payments systems or the orthodox forms of payment such as the cash deposit, wire transfers , credit card payments , Cheques and the likes.

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Clients Testimonies

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